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 Injured While Faking Own Death (2010)

Injured While Faking Own Death (2010)

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12 Psychedelic-Americana-Pop Songs about the hilarity and horror of being alive, populated by Bruce Lee, John Wayne Bobbitt, Herve Villechaize, Mr. Spock, Siddhartha, drug-addled hippies, Kevin Costner,human medical experiment volunteers, and that guy driving the Volvo who always brakes for the green light.


  1. Control Freak
  2. Monkey Boy
  3. Dosey Doe
  4. Perfect Skin
  5. All Your Love
  6. Shoot The Mule
  7. Herve Villechaize Blacklight Poster
  8. Barbie Feet
  9. Lift With Your Knees
  10. Hamster Wheel Head
  11. Tiny Arrow
  12. And The Horse I Rode In On